Thursday, September 1, 2016

Cinquain poem


Thursday, June 16, 2016

3D shapes.

WAL about 3D shapes.

We had to make a container that holds 60 blocks.

What different shapes might it be?
What I learnt: I that there is more than two ways to times thing.




Friday, June 10, 2016

Exaggeration Poem

Exaggeration poem writing
Exaggeration means claiming something is greater than it really is. For example, if you said “my cat is as big as a house” or “I can run faster than the speed of light,” you would be exaggerating.

To write your own exaggeration poem, you only need to do three things:
  1. Pick something to write about.
  2. Pick a feature or characteristic of the thing that you are writing about.
  3. Exaggerate that characteristic in every way you can think of, making a list as you go.
  4. Take your list of ideas and turn them into a poem.

Here are some more tips to help you get started:
  • When you write your exaggeration poem, it doesn’t have to rhyme, unless you want it to.
  • If you can’t think of a funny ending for your poem, try ending it with the same lines you used at the beginning of the poem.

Good luck writing your own exaggeration poems!

I Ate a Spicy Pepper
I ate a spicy pepper
From my brother on a dare.
The pepper caught my head on fire
And burned off all my hair.

My mouth erupted lava
And my tongue began to melt.
My ears were shooting jets of steam.
At least that’s how they felt.

I ricocheted around the room.
I ran across the ceiling.
I dove right in the freezer
To relieve the burning feeling.

I drank a thousand soda pops
And chewed a ton of ice
To try to stop the scorching
Of that spicy pepper’s spice.

At last, the flames extinguished,
I admitted to my brother,
“That pepper was the best one yet.
May I please have another?”

Write your poem here

I’m king Nathan
I’m king Nathan
Strong as king kong
Fast as the speed of light
Smart as a scientist

Flexible as a piece of paper
Skilled like jackejan
Sneaky like a cat
Has Killer hugs

Works with a team
Big appetite
Never screams
Good taste buds

He’s a superstar singer
N.B.A king
A son of a god
Talks to animals  

Hot shot guy
Smile is on 24 7
His muscles are as a big as a horse
He’s broken all his bones

Observational Drawing - Shoe Art

Observational Drawing - Shoe Art
Sucess Criteria:
  • Look at what you are drawing
  • Draw from a real object
  • Don’t trace
  • Use a guideline to make sure your drawing is the right size
  • Keep the outlines light
  • Include detail or leave out detail

What do you like about your observational drawing? I like my drawing because it look like  the real thing.

If you were to do it again what would you change? Making the lace more curved.

Animal Enclosure reflection.

My Creature is a Red-bellied Piranha
Some things I needed to consider about my creature:    
What I’d consider about my creature is that it lives in South America rivers, they are 30cm in height. The piranha picks on small fish and they live in groups and they’re meat eaters.             
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:       
To feed my pet you push the blue button at the back of the fish tank and the blue batin at the back of the tank opens so you can feed without the water coming out.
What I am pleased about:
I’m pleased that I got all the materials and it came together nicely and it went according to plan.  
I had to plan quit a bit because if the plan had no detail I wouldn’t no how length, width and the height. I was absorbed in P.B.L also I had to persevere to get it all done.
What I have found tricky:
What I found tricky was cutting the hole in the top because it wouldn't cut and also it was hard putting the toy on the top of the inside of the tank because it’s not flat.  
What I would like to improve:
What I’ll like to improve is the amount of sand because I think I did not put enough sand and stones in the tank.

Nathan.JPGImage result for red bellied piranha swimmingImage result for red bellied piranha swimming

Friday, March 18, 2016

Camp Omatua-2016

This is me in my swag. My car is a
mini cooper. I named my car rich money. My car got its name because it has a money sign on the back.
This is the handsomest group, we were making a house out of bamboo and tape and it was really fun.

Look at me on the big black tube. It was so much fun going on the tubes. I hope we bring the tubes next year.
Mr Ford.JPG
Does Mr Ford look fancy dressed up as a waiter? He was serving the V.I.P ( very important persons).
I wonder how much he gets paid?    

When I bring the kayak up the river this is what I looked like, I know... so handsome!
Kauri 89.JPG
These are all the gorgeous faces in Kauri 8/9 on the steps behind the dining room.
Can you find me or do I blend in with everyone that is on the steps?

Hope you like my blog post- please comment ;-) :-)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Calendar art

Calendar art

This is my Calendar art it is
a car finishing in the race 1st.  
I had to take my time.  
The people that sponsor the
car is facebook,
  the car’s number is 78.  
This is my footprint art.   
The colours I used were red, blue,
black, gray and white.  
When I had finished my artwork I
felt so awesome that I would make
another one just like it.
The steps I followed were
plan it out,
            paint the top half ,   
wait for it to dry,
then put your foot in paint    
and put it on the paper.
wait for it to dry,
draw the other bits and
colour it in.